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KTRV showcases UAV munitions

Russia's Tactical Missiles Corporation (KTRV) showcased two 100 kg-class precision weapons aimed at unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) applications at the Army 2021 defence exhibition held from 22–28 August in Kubinka, near Moscow.

While the company did not reveal accompanying information for the displays, one of these had earlier been revealed at the previous year's event alongside Kronshtadt Group's Grom strike-capable UAV with its in-development name of ‘Product 85'.

JSC Tactical Missiles Corporation “Product 85

JSC Tactical Missiles Corporation “Product 85" precision missile being developed for unmanned aerial vehicle applications, unveiled at the Army 2021 exhibition. (Nikolai Novichkov)

According to specifications released at the time, the Product 85 munition is understood to be an air-to-ground missile armed with a 30 kg armour-piercing, high-explosive fragmentation warhead. The missile is 2,400 mm long and 200 mm in diameter (with its stabilising fins increasing overall width to 400 mm), and has an all-up weight of 120 kg.

The missile is guided and employs an inertial navigational system during the boost and midcourse flight phases, with course correction enabled via satellite-navigation. An active seeker is used for terminal guidance.

KTRV also showcased its new Kh-50E-001 powered cruise missile. No information was provided about the weapon, although it features a trapezoidal wing that unfolds after launch.

“The corporation creates special weapons for [UAVs] and adapts available missiles and bombs to them,” KTRV CEO Boris Obnosov told media at Army 2021, noting that current activities also included developing new purpose-built UAV munitions and upgrading existing ones.

“[We are] creating small munitions of 50–100 kg for the rapidly developing [UAV] market,” he added.

Kronshtadt Group told Janes

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