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IRGC Navy unveils new base ship

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) revealed that its naval wing is now operating a roll-on, roll-off ship that can be used as an expeditionary floating base for fast attack boats, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), anti-ship missiles, and normally land-based air-defence systems.

        The IRGC Navy’s new expeditionary base ship 
        Shahed Roudaki
       (Islamic Revolution Guards Corps)

The IRGC Navy’s new expeditionary base ship Shahed Roudaki. (Islamic Revolution Guards Corps)

It announced that a ceremony was held on 19 November to commission what it described as a long-range multi-purpose vessel called Shahed Roudaki (L110-1), saying it has a length of 150 m, a beam of 22 m, and a displacement of 4,000 tonnes.

“The Shahed Roudaki heavy combat, intelligence, and support ship is a mobile naval city that is ready to carry out ocean missions with all the necessary equipment and facilities to create stable security of maritime transportation lines and provide relief to the commercial and fishing fleets of the Islamic Republic and regional countries,” it said.

It released low-resolution images of a roll-on, roll-off cargo vessel with its deck loaded with four fast attack boats, four twin launchers for long-range anti-ship missiles, six Ababil-2 UAVs, a Bell 412 helicopter, a 3 Khordad surface-to-air missile system, and an anti-aircraft gun on its bow.



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