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IAG reveals details of new Rila 8×8

International Armored Group (IAG) has detailed its Rila 8×8 family of vehicles that was launched at this year’s International Defence Exhibition (IDEX).

The vehicle presented at IDEX 2021, which was held in Abu Dhabi in February, was configured as an infantry fighting vehicle (IFV), although it represents the first of a series of vehicles that will be released over the coming year, an IAG representative told Janes.

The design has been in development for some time and the prototype vehicle has completed a series of company tests and trials, including 1,000 km of off-road travel in desert conditions.

IAG’s Rila 8x8 was designed as a private venture. (IAG)

IAG’s Rila 8x8 was designed as a private venture. (IAG)

The Rila utilises a chassis design with the engine in the front centre of the hull, the driver and commander between the first and second axles. The forward engine configuration, now largely standard for 8×8s, provides additional protection for the driver and commander, and enables the rear of the vehicle to be used for multiple purposes. In the IFV configuration the vehicle can accommodate a driver, commander, gunner, and eight dismounts in the rear compartment. The vehicle is 7.6 m long, 2.45 m wide, and 2.6 m high. Its combat weight is 28 tonnes, although a gross vehicle weight of 32 tonnes is possible, with a maximum permissible load of nine tonnes per axle, according to IAG.

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