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France orders Parrot micro UAVs

The Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA), the French defence procurement agency, has ordered Anafi USA micro-unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from Parrot, the agency and company have both announced.

Initially, 150 systems totalling 300 of the quadricopter UAVs will be supplied to French air force, navy, and army regular and special forces under a tender launched in February 2020. The French Armed Forces Ministry said in a press release on 12 January that the micro-UAVs would be used for reconnaissance for troops deployed on operations, on board warships, and to help protect military sites.

The DGA has ordered 300 Anafi USA micro-UAVs from Parrot.  (Parrot)

The DGA has ordered 300 Anafi USA micro-UAVs from Parrot. (Parrot)

Deliveries are expected to begin in June and the contract foresees further orders annually over the next five years, training, and the possibility of adaptive development of the UAVs, according to the ministry. The aim is for 60% of the deliveries over the next five years to be to the army, 28% to the navy, and 12% to the air and space force.

Parrot said in an 11 January press release that the micro-UAV is part of the Anafi family, specially adapted for international military requirements that will improve French forces' reconnaissance capabilities. The 500 g quadricopter has a flight time of 32 minutes and day/night observation capabilities. With a 32× zoom provided by two 21-megapixel cameras, it can detect human-sized targets with 13 cm detail accuracy up to 2 km away and is inaudible over 130 m, the company said.

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