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France orders new EDA-S landing craft

An industry team led by French equipment manufacturer CNIM has been awarded a contract by defense procurement and technology agency Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA) to build 14 new EDA-S (Engin de Débarquement Amphibie Standard) landing craft for the French Navy.

CNIM will deliver the new EDA-S landing craft to the French Navy. (CNIM)

CNIM will deliver the new EDA-S landing craft to the French Navy. (CNIM)

Announcing the award on 21 January, CNIM said the contract – to be delivered in conjunction with Socarenam, Mauric, and CNN MCO – covers an initial order for six craft, with additional options providing for the remaining eight vessels plus support. No contract value was disclosed.

CNIM has previously delivered four EDA-R (Engin de Débarquement Amphibie Rapide) landing craft to the French Navy. However, while the 30 m EDA-R vessels adopt a novel fast catamaran design, the 29 m EDA-S is a shallow draft, tri-hull, roll-on/roll-off landing craft.

Designed to carry a 65-tonne payload as standard and a maximum load of 80 tonnes, the EDA-S design is being procured to replace the French Navy’s current CTM (Chaland de Transport de Matériel) landing craft. Eight of the new class will be assigned to the French Navy’s amphibious flotilla, homeported in Toulon, for operations in conjunction with the three Mistral-class force projection and command ships. According to CNIM, the well deck area in the stern of the Mistral class will be able to accommodate up to four EDA-S craft, or two EDA-Ss and a single EDA-R.

The remaining six EDA-S landing craft will be deployed to overseas bases (two in Djibouti, East Africa, and the others to French overseas territories Mayotte in the Indian Ocean, Nouméa in New Caledonia, Fort-de-France in Martinique, and Kourou in French Guiana).

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