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Taurus-LIG Nex1 developing KEPD 350K-2 for FA-50

A visual comparison of the new Taurus KEPD 350K-2 (in foreground) and KEPD 350K precision-attack cruise missiles. The KEPD 350K-2 uses a new wing design and improved dynamics to retain the 500 km range of the older and larger KEPD 350K. (Janes)

A smaller version of the Taurus Systems KEPD 350K air-launched precision‐attack cruise missile being planned for the Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) FA-50 fighter aircraft could enter production two years after full-scale development is launched.

Designated as the KEPD 350K-2, this all-weather-capable missile is being developed to meet “increasing demand” for air-to-ground missiles for light combat aircraft and short-range fighters, according to Taurus. The company has signed an agreement with LIG Nex1 to jointly develop the new missile.

“From Taurus' perspective, once the full-scale development is launched, we can be ready for production in 36–48 months, depending on the time it requires for the integration on the platform,” a Taurus company spokesperson told Janes .

The KEPD 350K-2 will be initially integrated with the FA-50 fighter aircraft. In an October statement LIG Nex1 said the joint development project will “improve and miniaturise the existing KEPD 350K” and will support the “export of the domestic light fighter FA-50”.

The KEPD 350K-2 is currently in the “early stages” of development, the Taurus spokesperson said. “We have not incorporated customers' requirements, which means it will have similar to identical technology as its legacy [KEPD 350K] model; however, we are open to apply[ing] any new technology that our future customers demand,” the spokesperson added.

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