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Taiwan buys additional HIMARS

The Taiwanese MND has announced the procurement of 18 additional M142 HIMARSs. The picture shows the US Army firing the HIMARS during Exercise ‘Eager Lion' in Jordan. The HIMARS can hit targets at a range of 70 km using the MFOM, both guided and unguided, and 300 km with the MGM-142 ATACMS. (US Army/Sgt 1st Class Steven Queen)

The Taiwanese Ministry of National Defense (MND) has announced the procurement of 18 additional M142 High-Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARSs) from the US.

In a recent press release, the MND said it has purchased 18 additional sets of HIMARSs and other equipment under the Republic of China Army's (RoCA's) “long-range precision fire strike system” procurement project.

Taiwan's HIMARS procurement has increased to 29 with the purchase of 18 additional systems.

In March 2020, Taiwan requested the procurement of 15 HIMARSs from the US, and the provision for this acquisition was made in the budget for the fiscal year (FY) 2019.

In October 2020, the US Department of State approved the potential Foreign Military Sales (FMS) of 11 M142 HIMARSs and related equipment to Taiwan.

In June 2021, the MND signed contracts with the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) to procure 11 M142 launchers, 17 International Field Artillery Tactical Data Systems (IFATDSs), 64 M57 Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) unitary missiles, and other related equipment.

According to the state-owned Central News Agency (CNA), Taiwan decided to buy 18 additional HIMARSs after the MND scrapped its plan to buy 40 M109A6 Paladin self-propelled howitzers from the US.

The decision to scrap the procurement of howitzers came after Washington said it was unable to deliver M109s on time due to insufficient production capacity, the CNA added.

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