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DRDO develops new assault rifle

The Defence Research and Development Organisation has developed a new 7.62×51 mm assault rifle known as ‘Ugram' for the Indian Army. (Defence Research and Development Organisation/Janes)

India's state-run Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) subsidiary Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE) has developed a new 7.62×51 mm assault rifle known as ‘Ugram' for the Indian Army, an ARDE spokesperson told Janes on 9 January.

The rifle can strike at a maximum range of 500 m and is developed in collaboration with Hyderabad-based Dvipa Armour India Private Limited (DAIPL), the spokesperson said.

According to ARDE specifications, the rifle weighs around 4 kg and is equipped with a 20-round magazine. The rifle can be fired in both single and full auto firing modes.

The maximum length of the rifle is 1,000 mm and its rate of fire is 600 rds/min. The gas-operated rotating bolt rifle can be equipped with iron and reflex sights.

The configuration of the rifle is based on the AK and AR type rifles. It has machined lower and upper bodies, and a rivets free design. It features a telescopic adjustable butt.

The gun is completely developed and will now be tested by the Indian Army, the spokesperson added.

The Indian Army has been trying to replace its in-service Indian Small Arms System (INSAS) 5.56 mm assault rifles since 2019. Janes understands that the service operates around one million INSAS rifles.

To replace the Indian Army's INSAS rifles, India incorporated a joint venture with Russia – known as Indo-Russian Rifles Private Limited (IRRPL) – in 2019 to manufacture more than 600,000 AK-203 assault rifles for the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force in Korwa over a 10 year period.

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