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BAE Systems enhances APKWS II range by 30%

BAE Systems has disclosed development of the APKWS Block Upgrade – a software upgrade to the AGR-20A Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System II (APKWS II) 70 mm/2.75 in rocket guidance kit designed to enhance the effective range of the weapon system by means of an improved flight trajectory.

β€œAPKWS block upgrade guidance kits create an optimised flight trajectory that enables the rocket to engage targets at a steeper angle of attack, providing improvements in range and lethality. The optimised attack trajectory improves first-shot success against stationary and moving targets,” BAE Systems said in a statement.

β€œThe maximum publicly stated range is 5+ km for APKWS rockets fired from rotary-wing platforms and 12+ km for APKWS rockets fired from fixed-wing platforms,” APKWS programme manager Samantha Kirsh told Janes. β€œThe Block Upgrade guidance kit extends the range by up to 30% via an improved flight trajectory,” Kirsh added.

The APKWS Block upgrade will enhance the effective range of the APKWS weapon system by up to 30% and create a single variant qualified for rotary-wing and fixed-wing platforms. (BAE Systems)

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