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France increases defence budget

France continues to raise defence spending, which will reach EUR40.9 billion (nearly USD48 billion) in 2022, a EUR1.7 billion increase on 2021.

The breakdown of the draft budget approved by the Council of Ministers on 22 September will be EUR23.7 billion for equipment, EUR12.6 billion for salaries, and EUR4.6 billion for operating costs. In addition, EUR1.2 billion will be set aside for overseas operations, mainly ‘Barkhane' in Africa.

The breakdown of the EUR1.7 billion increase in 2022 will be EUR800 million for equipment, EUR600 million for soldier equipment (including uniforms and ballistic protection vests), and EUR300 million for salaries.

The research and development budget will reach EUR1 billion, part of which will go to the Future Combat Air System being developed with Germany and Spain and the successor of the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, which is expected in 2038, but also deep-diving unmanned underwater vehicles and counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (C-UAV) laser weapons.

In 2022, the French Army will receive 245 armoured vehicles (Griffon, Serval, and Jaguar), 200 Missile Moyenne Portée (MMP) medium-range missiles with 26 firing posts, eight NH90 helicopters, 2,075 Contact radios, the first 14 Patroller UAVs, and 20 anti-UAV rifles. The navy will receive four upgraded ATL2 maritime patrol aircraft (five of the 18 being upgraded have already been delivered), the first Frégate Européenne Multi-Missions (FREMM) air-defence frigate (Alsace), the second Barracuda-class nuclear attack submarine (Dugay-Trouin), a second modernised La Fayette frigate, and the first of four supply ships. The first batch of the SystÚme de Lutte Anti-Mines Futur (SLAMF) unmanned mine-countermeasures systems being developed with the United Kingdom will also be delivered.

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