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Russia's GAZ-3344-20 Aleut ATV enters service

The GAZ-3344-20 ‘Aleut’ articulated all-terrain vehicle (ATV) from the Zavolzhsky Tracked Tractor Plant (ZZGT) has service entered service with Russia.

The first of 123 platforms was delivered to the Russian Ground Troops stationed in the north of the country in May 2019, with deliveries expected to continue throughout 2020.

The Aleut was designed as part of a project to develop an intermediate all-terrain carrier, something that could fit between Russia’s DT-10PM, which weighs up to 37 tonnes, and its DT-30PM, which has a gross vehicle weight of 59 tonnes. The resultant GAZ-3344-20 has a total weight of 11.2 tonnes, including 2.5 tonnes of payload, according to ZZGT.

The compartments are built from welded steel and the torsion bar suspension units are incorporated into the hulls to reduce hull-drag when travelling through snow or water. The engine is in the front module to the rear of the crew cab, which can accommodate five personnel including the driver.

The vehicle has a YaMZ-53402-10 diesel engine, which provides 240hp and generates 784 Nm of torque in the rpm range of 1,400–1,700. It has a top speed of 60 km/h and a range of 800 km. The payload of the front module is 500 kg, while for the rear module it is 2 tonnes, meaning that the rear module can be configured to carry up to 15 additional personnel for a vehicle total of 20. Both modules are heated and the rear module can be reconfigured for mission specific roles.

This image shows a GAZ-3344 during its acceptance trials with Russian forces in 2018.

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