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Sylena decoy system confirmed for Greek FDI HN frigates

A computer-generated image of an FDI HN frigate deploying corner reflector (SEALEM 08-02) and IR (SEALIR 08-01) payloads. Each FDI HN frigate will be fitted with four fixed Sylena Mk 1 launchers. (Lacroix Defense)

Lacroix Defense has confirmed that it is supplying its Sylena decoy launching system (DLS) and associated decoy ammunition to the Hellenic Navy as part of a larger Frégate de Défense et d'Intervention – Hellenic Navy (FDI HN) contract being delivered by Naval Group.

In a 9 May statement, the company said each FDI HN frigate will be equipped with four Sylena Mk 1 decoy launchers. All three ships will be built at Naval Group's Lorient shipyard, with the first two already in build.

Conceived by Lacroix as a low-cost, easy-to-integrate shipborne soft-kill system, the Sylena DLS comprises a number of fixed angle mortar launchers above deck (the exact number depending on ship size/radar cross-section), a central processing unit and display (typically integrating with both the ship's combat management system and an electronic support measures outfit), a heading indicator panel on the bridge, and an emergency control box (for manual launch) in the operations room.

The Sylena Mk 1 uses fixed ‘rack' launcher installations, with the firing impulse to individual decoy rounds using an induction link. Each Mk 1 launcher is designed to accommodate 12 SEALEM 08-02 electromagnetic (EM) decoy rounds and four SEALIR 08-01 infrared (IR) rounds – the SEALEM 08-02 EM round releases multiple corner reflectors, while the SEALIR 08-01 decoy deploys a single-burst IR morphologic payload.

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