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Spanish Navy decommissions fourth Galerna-class submarine

The Spanish Navy decommissioned Tramontana on 16 February 2024. (Spanish Navy)

The Spanish Navy's fourth S 70 (Galerna)-class conventionally powered diesel-electric submarine (SSK) has been retired from service.

Tramontana (S 74), the youngest of four Galerna-class SSKs, was officially decommissioned during a ceremony held at the Spanish Navy's submarine base in Cartagena on 16 February.

Announcing the milestone the same day, the Spanish Navy said that since entering service in 1985, Tramontana has sailed a total of 315,144 n miles – 218,384 of them submerged. The submarine completed its last (and fourth) major overhaul between 2014 and 2017.

Highlights during Tramontana's career include the launching of a torpedo that sank a surface ship in October 2004. The submarine also contributed to the outcome of the crisis of Perejil Island in 2002, and participated in Operation ‘Unified Protector' in Libya in 2011.

The Galerna-class SSKs were built by Bazán (now Navantia) shipyards in Cartagena, entering service between 1983 and 1985.

Tramontana's decommissioning follows that of Siroco, which was decommissioned in June 2012, and Mistral in June 2020. Its retirement leaves just one remaining submarine, first-of-class Galerna (S 71), in active service.

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