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SOFINS 2023: Arquus details Sabre light tactical vehicle delivery schedule

Arquus Sabre light tactical vehicle. (Janes/Amael Kotlarski)

Arquus outlined to Janes at the SOFINS 2023 exhibition, – held near Bordeaux, France – the current delivery timeline of its Sabre light tactical vehicle to the French special forces.

The Arquus Sabre, a derivative of the company's Sherpa Light platform, was selected in 2015 to replace the ACMAT liaison, reconnaissance, and support vehicle (Véhicules de Liaison, de Reconnaissance et d'Appui: VLRA ) in service in the French special forces. Known as heavy special forces vehicle (Poids Lourd des Forces Spéciales: PLFS ), 25 first-generation vehicles were delivered in 2017. However, the vehicles proved unsatisfactory, with complaints regarding the stability and road handling in particular. Subsequently, the vehicles were returned to Arquus for modification, and it was decided that a new, second-generation vehicle would be developed to meet the specifications of French Special Operations Command (COS).

Arquus representatives confirmed to Janes that the 25 first-generation vehicles have been retrofitted and will be delivered in 2023 to a conventional regiment of the French Army – likely one belonging to either the 11th Airborne Brigade or the 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade.

The representatives informed Janes

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