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FNSS unveils Pars Alpha 8×8 New Generation AFV

FNSS Pars Alpha 8×8 New Generation at WDS 2024. (Janes/Sunil Nair)

Turkish vehicle manufacturer FNSS unveiled its Pars Alpha 8×8 new generation (NG) armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) at the World Defence Show (WDS) 2024 held in Riyadh from 4 to 8 February.

The Pars Alpha on display had a Teber-II 30/40 remote-controlled turret (RCT) fitted with a 30 mm dual-feed automatic cannon. This can be replaced by a 40 mm cannon by changing the recoil spring and forward feeder.

A 7.62 mm or 5.56 mm machine gun can be fitted as a secondary armament on an independent overhead remote controlled weapon station (RCWS) on top of the turret. The RCWS doubles as the commander's independent sight for hunter-killer capabilities and with high elevation and low depression is well suited for urban operations in built-up areas. Both the RCWS and the RCT are designed for simultaneous multiple target engagement, with the Teber-II RCT offering target tracking and two-axis stabilisation to enable fire on the move. Two ready-to-fire anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) can be supported by the fire-control system (FCS), with the Teber-II RCT being adaptable to fit semi-automatic command to line of sight (SACLOS) and automatic command to line of sight (ACLOS) guided missiles.

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