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FNSS details Teber-35 remote-controlled turret

The Teber-35 remote-controlled turret developed by FNSS for Turkish requirements. (FNSS)

Turkish manufacturer of armoured fighting vehicles and weapon systems FNSS has disclosed details of its Teber-35 remote-controlled (Teber-35 RC) turret for armoured fighting vehicles (AFV), which was designed to meet the demands of the Turkish Army.

While in development for two years, the prototype was presented for the first time at the IDEF 2021 exhibition, Gökhan Özyurt, Weapon Systems Design Department Manager at FNSS told Janes in September.

“It is a totally new design building on the FNSS Teber family of manned and unmanned turrets. However, it has a 35 mm cannon instead of the 30 mm used in the original designs,” Özyurt said. “The main business driver is the Turkish Army's New Generation Armoured Combat Vehicle programme and the international market.”

The turret is built using welded aluminium armour, which provides a mass effective structure as well as protection. The Teber-35 RC is designed to employ ballistic materials, added to the exterior of the aluminium base structure, to meet protection requirements, Özyurt said.

“As it is an unmanned turret, this protection is largely concerned with the internal motors and the weapon, so the level can be defined by the user,” he added. The design goal is to achieve all of this without exceeding a turret weight of three tonnes.

The main armament can be provided with various options by using different cannons. However, the FNSS website indicates that a Bushmaster III 35 × 228 mm dual-feed cannon is the baseline weapon. As is the case with most chain guns like the Bushmaster III, the user can choose between high-explosive (HE) and armour-piercing (AP) rounds.

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