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DVD 2022: QinetiQ unveils Talon 6 EOD UGV

QinetiQ's Talon 6N EOD UGV demonstrated at DVD 2022. The vehicle is pictured lifting a 12.5 kg weight from behind an obstacle. (Janes/Alexander Stronell)

QinetiQ has exhibited the Talon 6 explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) robot for the first time at the Defence Vehicle Dynamics (DVD) 2022, the British Army's biennial defence industry exhibition, held at the Millbrook Proving Ground from 21 to 22 September.

As the name would imply, the Talon 6 is the latest in the Talon series of EOD unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) developed by QinetiQ, which were previously used widely in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Janes understands that the Talon 6 was developed during the past 24 months in response to requirements from several states, and is being tested by a number of NATO members.

Speaking at DVD 2022, a spokesperson for QinetiQ confirmed that the vehicle would be put forward for procurement under project Dartrose, the British Ministry of Defence's (MoD's) programme for the acquisition of medium EOD UGVs. Janes reported in August that the MoD intends to acquire 50 medium EOD robots under the programme.

The Talon 6 differs from its predecessor primarily in that it is integrated with a three-section manipulator arm produced by Ohio-based firm HDT Global, delivering more degrees-of-freedom, and greater lift capacity. The Talon 6 is also understood to be the first in its series to feature interoperability (IOP) ports on the arm itself, easing the integration of sensors and other payloads. The gripper has also been upgraded with a presently undisclosable capability, making remote interrogation of suspect packages more user-friendly for EOD operators.


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