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DSA 2022: Nexter, ADS pursue CAESAR opportunity in Malaysia

Nexter and Malaysian firm ADS are planning to collaborate on the CAESAR 155 mm artillery system, seen here integrated with a Tatra 8×8 chassis. (Nexter)

Nexter and Malaysian firm Advanced Defence Systems (ADS) have completed the delivery of 105 mm LG1 light towed artillery systems to the Malaysian Army and are promoting collaboration on the French firm's CAESAR 155 mm gun system.

Company officials at the Defence Services Asia (DSA) 2022 in Kuala Lumpur told Janes on 28 March that 18 105 LG1 Mk III Light Guns are operational in the Malaysian Army's 1st Royal Artillery Regiment. The guns were assembled in Malaysia by ADS under a contract signed in 2018.

The Malaysian Army took delivery of its first LG1 gun in early 2020, and the guns were declared fully operational in late 2021.

ADS said that additional orders of the LG1 system were possible to fulfil another “two or three” Malaysian Army artillery regiments. The air-portable guns are expected to replace the Malaysian Army's ageing Oto Melara Model 56 105 mm pack howitzers, 100 of which are thought to be operated by the service.

The 105 LG1 weighs 1,650 kg and features a 30-calibre barrel. The system is fully digitised and is designed for intervention and rapid reaction forces. The guns were delivered to Malaysia in addition to the BACARA compact portable ballistic computer and 105 mm high-explosive, base-bleed, extended-range G3 ammunition, which can be fired to a range of up to 17 km.

In addition to possible future orders of the LG1, Nexter and ADS said they are planning to collaborate on supplying to the Malaysian Army the CAESAR 155 mm 52-calibre self-propelled howitzer (SPH). Under the proposed programme, ADS will assemble the gun system in Malaysia.

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