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Colombia buys four Hunter TR-12 MRAP vehicles

Front left view of a Colombian Army Hunter TR-12 configured as a troop carrier. (Erich Saumeth Cadavid)

The Colombian Ministry of Defense has bought four new Hunter TR-12 - 22 mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicles, designed and built by local company Armor International, a source told Janes .

The TR-12s are to deploy special forces units for counter-terrorist and counter-insurgent operations and will be able to transport 12 people while also storing systems and media in the cabin.

The process will be financed by the United States, with an approximate cost of USD1.56 million (USD390,000 per vehicle).

This TR-12-22 version uses an International CV series 4Γ—4 chassis, on which a monocoque hull with a new v-shaped keel design is mounted and the engine is in its own protected compartment.

Armor International officials told Janes that the platform uses new blackout-type lights as well as LED headlights, thermal cameras, and a new crane system with a winch. The Hunters have eight side windows, plus two on the rear door; five doors, four on the sides and one at the back, through which the personnel access the vehicle; and four embrasures are arranged on each side.

To date, the army operates six Hunter TR-12s, the first two acquired in 2012 and the other four in 2018 (three in transport version and one in command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence [C4I] version), while the police operate two from 2015. The Suriname National Army acquired a unit in 2012, which is still being used. All previous units were designed on a Ford 550 4Γ—4 chassis.

The Hunter TR-12 is offered in APC (troop carrier), ambulance, cargo, C4I, and special operations (SWAT type) versions, all with counter-improvised explosive device construction technology.

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