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Israel announces Arrow-4 development

The Israel Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced on 18 February that work has begun on a next-generation missile for Israel’s top-tier Arrow air defence system that will be able to intercept threats both inside and outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

A computer-generated impression of the Arrow-4  (Israel Ministry of Defense Spokesperson’s Office)

A computer-generated impression of the Arrow-4 (Israel Ministry of Defense Spokesperson’s Office)

The MoD said the Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) and the US Missile Defense Agency have begun developing the Arrow-4 as “the next-generation of endo/exo-atmospheric interceptors in the Arrow Weapon System”.

“Arrow-4 will be an advanced, innovative interceptor missile with enhanced capabilities. It will address a wide range of evolving threats in the region and will replace the Arrow-2 interceptors over the next decades,” said the statement.

The Arrow-2 is used to intercept ballistic missiles after they enter the Earth’s atmosphere, while Arrow-3 is designed to intercept them before re-entry.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is the programme’s prime contractor, with its MLM division tasked with developing the launch array and missiles and Elta a new radar. Elbit Systems will develop the battle-management system, while Rafael and Tomer are involved in developing and producing the missile.

“We are starting the development of the Arrow-4 system at a symbolic time: 30 years after the Gulf War, which led to the establishment of the IMDO and the beginning of joint missile defence co-operation [with the US],” said IMDO chief Moshe Patel. “Arrow-4 will have outstanding flight and interception capabilities.”

Minister of Defense Benny Gantz said the new missile’s development would be a “technological and operational leap forward, preparing us for the future battlefield and evolving threats in the Middle East and beyond”.

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