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Navantia to split into three new divisions

Spanish state-owned military shipbuilder Navantia is to split its business into three separate divisions from 1 October – covering construction, systems and services, and green energy.

The move is oriented towards “promoting the company's activity around its three main business [lines]”, the company said in a statement released on 17 September. It will replace a system that is based on one division handling operations, business, and commerce and the other business development.

The construction division will bring together the company's traditional base of building and repairing surface ships and submarines. It will be headed by Agustín Álvarez Blanco, until now director of Nevantia's Cartagena yard and the S-80 submarine programme for the Spanish Navy (Armada Española), which is being built there.

Systems and Services will be led by Donato Martínez Pérez de Rojas, who will share his new role with his current one as director of technology and digital transformation.

The third division recognises the shipbuilder's growing presence in a green energy market that represents “high potential for generating growth and quality employment”, especially in the areas of windmills for offshore wind farms, green hydrogen, and eco-fuels, said Navantia.

Javier Herrador del Río will be its director, who until now has been the company's commercial and business development director.

Navantia president Ricardo Domínguez García-Baquero said the restructuring fits the company's “technological and cultural transformation” and would promote “efficiency, innovation, and business orientation”.

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