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Luxembourg and US form satcom partnership

Luxembourg and the US have established a space-based partnership to promote satellite communications (satcom) co-operation within NATO.

Known as the ‘Global Commercially Contracted Satellite Communications Support Partnership' (GCC SATCOM SP), the joint agreement is intended to enable participating countries to jointly manage satcom services via the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA).

Announced on 31 October by NSPA, the partnership intends to promote synergies and economies of scale not achievable through national contracting processes.

This partnership will provide the framework for additional NATO allies to participate in the future, the announcement said.

US Ambassador to Luxembourg, Tom Barrett, said that “the partnership elevates the already strong defence and space co-operation between the US and Luxembourg and solidifies our leadership in the space field. As the importance of space to NATO's defence and deterrence strategy continues to grow, co-operation and further investments in the area are vital. With this partnership, we pave the way for both”.

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