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LIG Nex1 completes Sea Sword 2 trials

The Sea Sword 2 USV is pictured undergoing sea trials. (LIG Nex1)

South Korea's LIG Nex1 announced on 15 December that it has completed sea trials of its Haegum-2 (Sea Sword 2) unmanned surface vehicle (USV).

The company said development work on the Sea Sword 2 was carried out under a three-year programme supported by the Defense Acquisition Program Administration and the country's Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy.

It added that the Sea Sword 2 was put through a seaworthiness trial in waters near Namhae Island on the southern coast, proving its ability to operate without supervisory personnel aboard in conditions of up to Sea State 4.

The USV has been designed to carry out surveillance and reconnaissance missions in collaboration with underwater and other surface unmanned platforms. It is equipped with various sensing and mapping technologies and an automated launch and recovery system. It features a displacement of 11 tonnes and has an overall length of 12 m and a 3.5 m beam.

LIG Nex1 is pitching the Sea Sword 2 to the Republic of Korea Navy.

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