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IDEX 2023: UAE orders Norinco AR3 launchers

A model of the Norinco AR3 on display at the International Golden Group stand at IDEX 2023. (Janes/Jeremy Binnie)

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced during the IDEX show held in Abu Dhabi from 20 to 24 February that it has awarded a AED902 million (USD245 million) contract to procure AR3 multiple rocket/missile launchers made by Chinese company Norinco.

Announced by Tawazun Council, which manages procurement for the UAE Armed Forces, the contract was awarded to International Golden Group, Norinco's Emirati partner, and includes in-country services.

This is the first known export order for the AR3, which carries two munitions pods, each of which can contain five 300 mm Fire Dragon 140 inertial navigation system (INS)/global navigation satellite services (GNSS)-guided missiles or four 370 mm Fire Dragon 280 missiles. Alternatively, it can carry two 750 mm Fire Dragon 480 tactical ballistic missiles, which have a range of 290 km, a warhead weighing 480 kg, and a circular error probability (CEP) accuracy of 30 m, according to Norinco.

Norinco has earlier promoted the TL-7B long-range anti-ship missile as another option for the AR3, although not at IDEX 2023.

Norinco states that a typical AR3 battery consists of a command post vehicle, an unmanned aerial vehicle for identifying targets, six launchers, and six ammunition resupply vehicles.

Norinco displayed an AR3 at IDEX 2015 and a full-scale model of its 750 mm ballistic missile at IDEX 2019.

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