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DroneShield launches DroneGun Mk4

DroneShield launched the DroneGun Mk4 (pictured), a “rugged pistol jammer” with enhanced performance ranges compared with its previous variants. (DroneShield)

Australian company DroneShield has launched a new variant of its DroneGun family of counter-unmanned aircraft systems (C-UASs), developed in response to end-user feedback, using the “latest science in waveform design, jamming techniques, and other technologies”, the CEO and managing director of the company, Oleg Vornik, told Janes on 5 April.

The new variant, DroneGun Mk4, is a “rugged (IP67) pistol jammer”, with enhanced performance ranges compared with its lighter DroneGun Mk3 predecessor, and is also a lighter and smaller product compared with the 7 kg DroneGun Tactical, Vornik said.

The company said DroneGun Mk4 is effective against a wide range of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and can disrupt the control, navigation, and video of multiple UAVs simultaneously.

Once disruption is triggered, a hostile UAV is typically compelled to do a vertically controlled landing on the spot, or return to the operator, the company added.

Vornik said that although DroneGun Mk4 has been designed to counter commercial UAVs, it is also effective against military UAVs such as the Russian Orlan-10 that use commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) communications modules.

The DroneGun Mk4 has a dimension of 660×356×213 mm, and weighs 3.2 kg, Vornik added.

He declined to comment on the range and the radio frequency (RF) jamming range of the DroneGun Mk4.

The company said the DroneGun Mk4 is effective against a “wide range of ISM [industrial, scientific, and medical] bands, and GNSS [global navigation satellite services]”.

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