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Denmark orders ATMOS SPHs and PULS MRLs

Denmark has awarded contracts to Elbit Systems for eight PULS MRLs (pictured) and 19 ATMOS SPHs. (Elbit Systems)

Denmark has awarded contracts to Elbit Systems for 155 mm/52 calibre Autonomous Truck Mounted howitzer System (ATMOS) self-propelled howitzers (SPHs) and Precise and Universal Launching System (PULS) multiple rocket launcher (MRL) artillery systems, a spokesperson for the Danish Ministry of Defence's (MoD's) Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) confirmed to Janes on 6 March. The procurement includes training, spare parts, and tools for both systems, he added.

Elbit Systems announced in a press release on 2 March that it had awarded two contracts worth a total of USD252 million to a European NATO country: aUSD119 million contract for a battalion's worth of the ATMOS SPHs over a two-year period and a USD133 million contract for two batteries' worth of PULS MRLs, plus rockets and missiles, over a three-year period. The DALO spokesperson told Janes that 19 ATMOS are scheduled to be delivered from the first quarter (Q1) until the Q4 of 2024 and eight PULS systems from the Q2 of 2023 to the Q1 of 2024, with a full operating capability planned for 2025. In addition to a missile package, the PULS procurement includes command post and supply vehicles, he said, adding that the delivery of some of the systems by mid-2023 would allow for artillery crew training to begin.

According to Janes Land Warfare Platforms: Artillery and Air Defence, ATMOS has a maximum range of 41 km using extended-range full- or base-bleed projectiles, which Elbit says can be further extended by rocket-assisted projectiles.

PULS can be integrated into wheeled and tracked platforms and can launch unguided and precision-guided rockets with a range of 12–300 km, according to Elbit Systems.

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