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Airbus keeps eye on Kazakh situation

The Kazakhstan Air Defence Force operates the Airbus Military C295, and recently ordered two A400M aircraft. (Airbus Military)

Airbus officials are maintaining a watchful eye on the situation in Kazakhstan as the country experiences civil unrest and the deployment of a Russian-led rapid reaction force (RRF).

“We are monitoring the difficult situation in Kazakhstan, a long-term customer of Airbus. We are maintaining our commitments to the customer, [and] we will keep ensuring full compliance with all applicable export rules and regulations,” an Airbus spokesperson told Janes.

The Kazakhstan Air Defence Force operates the Airbus C295, with the first its eight aircraft being delivered in 2013. The country's Border Service ordered a single aircraft in 2019. Airbus Helicopters has also been active in the country, with eight EC 145 helicopters being operated by the Ministry of Defence for transport and search-and-rescue operations.

As part of the country's market entry requirements, Airbus has also established a joint venture with Kazakhstan Engineering, called Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering, to undertake maintenance on EC 145-C2, H125, and H130 helicopters, as well as painting and flight testing.

Kazakhstan ordered two Airbus A400M Atlas military transport aircraft in September 2021, with the delivery of the first aircraft scheduled in 2024. The possible creation of a maintenance hub for the C295, through the Kazakhstan Aerospace Industry (KAI) organisation, was first mooted in a 2013vMemorandum of Understanding between Spain and Kazakhstan. At the announcement of the A400M order, this desire was further reiterated as part of the first step in bolstering collaboration on Maintenance and Overhaul services.

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