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IDEX 2021: Al-Jasoor unveils 6×6 Rabdan

Al-Jasoor, part of the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE’s) EDGE Group, launched a 6×6 variant of its 8×8 Rabdan armoured fighting vehicle during the IDEX exhibition held in Abu Dhabi from 21 to 25 February.

A concept image of the 6×6 Rabdan.  (Al-Jasoor)

A concept image of the 6×6 Rabdan. (Al-Jasoor)

The company said in a press release that the vehicle has been developed with a modular armour system as well as an open electronic architecture to allow easy integration of command, control, and electro-optical systems.

“Featuring high commonality with our signature 8x8 platform, the amphibious 6x6 drives down cost for our clients, meets modern warfare requirements, and optimises value for all operational requirements,” Al-Jasoor’s CEO Fahad al-Absi was quoted as saying.

An Al-Jasoor representative told Janes the vehicle has been designed to meet the requirements of the UAE Armed Forces.

The 6×6 Rabdan was not displayed at IDEX, with the press release saying it had been launched on the sidelines of the show. However, the company presented a model of the vehicle and released specifications.

It has a gross vehicle weight of 22,500 kg, can carry 10 people including a commander and driver, and is powered by a 450 hp turbo-charged diesel engine coupled to an automatic transmission. The spring suspension system is independent with telescopic shock absorbers and 14.00 R20 tyres are used with run-flat inserts. It has a length of 7 m, width of 3.2 m, height of 2.46 m, and ground clearance of 420 mm.

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