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IDEF 2019: Best Group reveals latest Koralp remote weapon station

Turkey’s Best Group is evolving its Koralp remote weapon station (RWS), now in service with the Turkish National Police.

The RWS can be fitted as a traditional roof-mounted system or on a mount that can be lowered into the platform so the platform is covertly armed.

The Koralp RWS is designed to be flexible enough to be fitted with various stabilised weapons. When a 12.7 mm machine gun (MG) is fitted, a total of 500 rounds of ready-use ammunition are carried. When a 7.62 mm MG is fitted, a total of 1,000 rounds are carried.

The sensor pod is mounted below the weapons and includes a high definition thermal imager, charge-coupled device (CCD) day camera, and a last rangefinder.

Best Group’s latest Koralp RWS, shown armed with a 7.62 mm MG. (IHS Markit/Patrick Allen)

Best Group’s latest Koralp RWS, shown armed with a 7.62 mm MG. (IHS Markit/Patrick Allen)

Traverse is electric through 360° and both versions have elevation from -30° to 60°, with the latter important for operating in an urban environment. It also features automatic target tracking and target classification.

The company said that during trials, with the platform travelling at a speed of 20 km/h, 19 out of 20 rounds of 7.62 mm ammunition hit the target at a range of 400 m.

The gunner is provided with a ruggedised 13.3 inch flat panel touch screen with a single joystick to control the weapon and its sensor pod. It is being offered with wireless and wired control, and it has its own battery power so is not dependent on the vehicle’s electrical power supply.

It has been installed on tracked and wheeled platforms as well as an unmanned ground vehicle, and it is being marketed in a standalone configuration that could be used to protect forward operating bases (FOBs).

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