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EXPAL demonstrates new Dual-EIMOS mortar system

Spain’s EXPAL has revealed its new Dual-EIMOS self-propelled mortar system, with the new evolution of the system focusing on maritime landing operations.

Mounted on a URO VAMTAC ST5, the new variant of the EIMOS system was demonstrated to the Spanish Marine Corps, other branches of the military, and the Spanish Directorate General of Armament and Material (DGAM) at the national training centre at Zaragoza in late November.

New capabilities include the ability to operate in marinised environments, with fording tests for unprepared depths of 1.5 m shown as part of the requirements for the Marine Corps for a vehicle that can undertake landing operations as well as standard ground operations.

The Dual-EIMOS firing during the demonstration event in Zaragoza in late November.  (EXPAL)

The Dual-EIMOS firing during the demonstration event in Zaragoza in late November. (EXPAL)

“The new platform Dual-EIMOS 81 mm is an evolution of the EIMOS looking for greater versatility,” product manager Alberto Fernández Cuervo told Janes, “the materials and components have had to have a special treatment to be more robust for the fording operations. The recoil system, communications, and basic methods of operation keep the advanced technologies based on the EIMOS system.” These treatments are allowing for operations in salt and fresh water, according to Cuervo.

The final customer for the platform will be the Spanish Marine Corps, according to Cuervo. “The Marine Corps, in association with DGAM, have been involved in all stages of the development process. From requirements to helping us with validation and controlling the features for the system.”

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