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UK receives final TR-2 standard F-35s

Aircraft BK35 seen at RAF Marham shortly after its arrival on 20 March. With deliveries to the UK of TR-2 standard aircraft now complete, the arrival of TR-3 standard aircraft should commence later in the year. (Crown Copyright)

The UK has received its final Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning combat aircraft to be delivered at the Technology Refresh-2 (TR-2) standard, the manufacturer confirmed to Janes on 25 March.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced the arrival of the two jets on 20 March. Lockheed Martin told Janes that BK (the factory code given to UK aircraft) 34 and BK35 are the last TR-2 jets for the UK, ahead of the delayed commencement of TR-3 deliveries to the wider international programme later in 2024.

“Acceptance of the final two RAF TR-2 F-35 aircraft occurred in November [2023]. The jets were then delivered to the RAF at 17 Test and Evaluation Squadron [TES], Edwards Air Force Base, in support of a military exercise prior to their final ferry to RAF Marham. Both jets arrived at RAF Marham last week,” a Lockheed Martin spokesperson said. “We continue to produce [aircraft for the international programme] at rate, and expect to begin delivering TR-3 jets in the third quarter [of 2024],” the spokesperson added.

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