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Saab wins live-training contract in Kenya

Brazilian Army soldiers using Saab's GAMER Manpack laser-based TES equipment during a Military Operations in Urban Terrain exercise. According to Saab representatives, the KDF will receive sufficient equipment for a light-role infantry battlegroup of about 800 personnel. (Trevor Nash)

Saab has been awarded a contract to supply a Tactical Engagement Simulation (TES) capability to the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF).

Under the contract, Saab will supply its standard laser-based GAMER TES system, including individual personnel detection devices (PDDs); detector systems for light tactical vehicles; laser projectors for a variety of infantry weapons, including rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs); and simulated hand grenades and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The system will use the latest Urban Combat Advanced Training Technology (UCATT) Laser Engagement Interface Standard (ULEIS) laser code.

Hans Lindgren, head of business development for Saab's training and simulation unit, told Janes that the system will include sufficient equipment for a “light-role infantry battlegroup” of about 800 personnel. It also includes the exercise control (EXCON) and communications network to support fully instrumented live training. The communications network includes two mobile base stations, each of which can provide approximate coverage of 7–10 km radius, giving a total area coverage of more than 200 km² depending on the terrain.

The GAMER EXCON software provides detailed tracking and analysis of activity down to individual level, enabling thorough after-action review. The system does not include instrumentation for indirect fire from mortars, but this will be simulated using the Area Weapons Effects Simulator (AWES) system via EXCON.

Lindgren said that the system will be based at the KDF School of Infantry at Isiolo and delivery will be completed by the end of 2023. Saab will also provide training for users and maintenance personnel, and a limited support contract.

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