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KAI-Lockheed Martin to market T-50 worldwide

KAI and Lockheed Martin hope to supply 1,000 T-50 aircraft to the global military training aircraft market. (KAI/Lockheed Martin)

South Korea's T-50 Golden Eagle trainer and light combat jet has been given a boost following an agreement between Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) and Lockheed Martin to aggressively market the jet internationally.

A “teaming agreement” recently signed by both companies will ”escalate” a continuing strategic co-operative partnership to market the T-50 around the world, KAI said in a press statement on 12 June.

This consultation between the two companies will provide an opportunity to realise a November 2021 vision between the Republic of Korea government and South Korea's defence industries to export 1,000 T-50 jets internationally, KAI added.

Under the deal, KAI and Lockheed Martin are expected to offer the T-50 for several training aircraft programmes worldwide. According to KAI, this includes the Canada Future Fighter Lead-In Training (FFLIT) programme and the US Air Force and US Navy tactical trainers programmes.

KAI president and CEO Ahn Hyun-ho said that both companies will pursue “competitive enhancement activities” intended to generate the market potential for 1,000 exports. Ahn added that the US market is a focus.

The T-50 will also be proffered for training projects in Africa, Eastern Europe, and South America, KAI added.

According to Janes Market Forecasts , the worldwide trainer market has a value of USD99,813.84 million in the next 10 years.

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