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Italy launches additional Eurofighter buy

Italy has launched the parliamentary process to acquire a further 24 Eurofighter combat aircraft. (Janes/Gareth Jennings)

Italy has launched the procurement of additional Eurofighter Typhoon combat aircraft, with a government motion for the buy disclosed on 4 July.

A draft ministerial decree presented to parliament outlined the purchase of 24 new Eurofighters (referred to as EF-2000), looking to add to the 96 Eurofighters it has already received, of which 94 remain in service.

News of the decree came months after Janes was told at the IQPC International Fighter Conference (IFC) 2023 in Madrid that the Italian Air Force (Aeronautica Militare Italiana: AMI) was looking at a further 24 aircraft as it prepares for the retirement of its 36 Panavia Tornado Interdiction Strike (IDS), 16 Tornado Electronic Combat Reconnaissance (ECR) aircraft, and potentially to replace some or all of its 26 (including 10 twin-seat) early model Eurofighter Tranche 1 fleet.

This was later confirmed by Eurofighter consortium partner BAE Systems, with David Hulme, Typhoon product strategy director and Eurofighter project director, saying in May, โ€œItaly is now looking at more core aircraft. There will be a parliamentary process over the summer [third quarter] to look at a further buy.โ€

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