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Germany begins ‘Quadriga' Eurofighter build

The first of 38 centre fuselage sections for Germany's Project Quadriga Eurofighter procurement was rolled out on 9 November. (Luftwaffe via Twitter)

Germany has kick-started the production of 38 Eurofighter combat aircraft under Project ‘Quadriga', with the first centre fuselage section being rolled out on 9 November.

The Luftwaffe announced the milestone, noting that Premium Aerotec had delivered the section about two years after the contract was signed on 12 November 2020, and on schedule to meet the aircraft delivery date of 2025.

“It's progressing! From 2025, we will receive 38 new Eurofighter under the Quadriga contract. Now Premium Aerotec has delivered the first centre fuselage section − the heart,” the Luftwaffe tweeted from its official account. With this German-manufactured structure completed, it will be mated by Airbus in Germany to components built in the UK by BAE Systems, in Italy by Leonardo, and in Spain by Airbus.

In all, Project Quadriga will see the Luftwaffe receive 30 single-seater and eight twin-seater Tranche 4 Eurofighters to replace 38 Tranche 1 aircraft that are being retired. These newbuild Tranche 4 aircraft (previously these had been referred to as Tranche 3B or Tranche 3+) will be equipped with the E-Scan European Common Radar System (ECRS), ‘future-proof' hardware, and updated software.

With deliveries to commence in 2025, these new aircraft will help sustain the Luftwaffe's wider Eurofighter force out into the 2060s, by which time it is intended that they will be operating alongside the New Generation Fighter as part of the Franco-German-Spanish Future Combat Air System.

Previously, Airbus noted that this deal will secure the Eurofighter production lines through to at least 2030, although the subsequent addition of 20 Project Halcon fighters for Spain, earlier in 2022, will see this date pushed back further.

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