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China unveils air-defence missile systems

China showcased the HQ-9B surface-to-air missile weapon system at Airshow China 2022. The country has upgraded the system with eight smaller missiles. (Future Publishing via Getty Images)

China has unveiled various surface-to-air missile (SAM) weapon systems for the People's Liberation Army (PLA) at the Airshow China 2022 exhibition held in Zhuhai from 8 to 13 November.

The country showcased the FK-3000 air-defence missile weapon system, the HQ-16FE mid- to long-range air-defence missile weapon system, and the Red-11 (also called HQ-11) universal terminal defence system at the show.

The FK-3000, manufactured by China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), is an anti-cluster and anti-ammunition air-defence weapon system. Janes learnt that the master combat vehicle of the FK-3000 system integrates an anti-ammunition air-defence missile, an anti-cluster mini-missile, and a radio-jamming transmitter. The system can be equipped with two optional unmanned slave ground combat vehicles, called the FK-3000 auxiliary launching vehicles.

The master combat vehicle of the system is a transporter, erector, launcher, and radar (TELAR) based on an SX2220 6Γ—6 platform. The TELAR consists of an unmanned turret with a cannon, a search radar, and a fire-control radar. Janes assesses that the master vehicle is equipped with six SAMs, an automatic Gatling-type cannon, and 48 smaller SAMs.

The FK-3000 auxiliary launching vehicle equips a remote-controlled turret mounted with an electro-optic/infrared sight and 24 short-range SAMs carried within six tube launch containers. According to CASIC, the FK-3000 system can operate day and night in all weather conditions, and has an interception slant range between 300 m and 12 km. The FK-3000 is responsible for intercepting unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), ammunition targets, cruise missiles, armed helicopters, and other small targets in wartime, and guarding the city in peacetime.

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