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China issues PLA mobilisation order for 2022

On 4 January President Xi Jinping signed a mobilisation order to start the training of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) in 2022. This is the first published order by the Central Military Commission (CMC) this year.

The mobilisation order detailed the requirements and goals for the PLA during 2022 and marks the official start of military training.

According to Chinese state media, the order requires the PLA to “closely follow the evolution of technology, warfare, and rivals”, improve combat operations training, and enhance “systematic training and the use of technologies”.

The mobilisation order retains an overall goal to transform the PLA into an “elite force … capable of fighting and winning wars”. It also puts priority on joint military training, including combined arms operations that involve the use of “technologies and networks”.

Citing analysts, the state-owned Global Times said the order will support the PLA's efforts to safeguard China's “territory, security, and development”. The newspaper added that the order signals improvements to PLA tactics but not changes to strategy.

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