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Brazil further cuts KC-390 order

Having intended to field 28 KC-390 tanker transport aircraft, the Brazilian Air Force will now receive 19 under the latest agreement announced on 21 October. (Janes/Gareth Jennings)

Brazil has again cut its buy of Embraer KC-390 Millennium tanker transport aircraft, reducing its order by a further three aircraft on 21 October.

Having recently reduced its KC-390 procurement from 28 to 22 aircraft, the Brazilian Air Force (Força Aérea Brasileira: FAB) will now receive just 19 under a deal announced by Embraer.

“The amendments to the contracts preserve the company's cash flow, ensure the economic, and financial viability of the KC-390 Millennium project,” Embraer said in a statement. “Embraer reinforces its commitment to the KC-390/C-390 Millennium project … as well as its belief in the export potential of this product, which brings unique innovations in its category, and which has already been selected by three European nations,” it added.

With the FAB having introduced the KC-390 in 2019, the twin-jet type is fielded by 11 Wing located at Galeão in Rio de Janeiro, and 2 Wing at Anápolis. To date, four aircraft have been accepted into service.

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