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CAMM-ER missile completes new live-firing test

MBDA has disclosed limited details of a new live firing of the extended range variant of its Common Anti-Air Modular Missile (CAMM-ER) at a firing range in Italy.

The company said that the CAMM-ER missile had been flown against an unidentified manoeuvring target “confirming the excellent capability of the CAMM family system”. While MBDA announced the successful test on 24 June, Janes understands that the live firing was actually performed in late 2020.

The CAMM-ER has been developed as an extended range variant of the basic CAMM missile, which has already been delivered to the UK Royal Navy (as part of the Sea Ceptor system) and the British Army (the effector for the Sky Sabre ground-based air defence system). The CAMM and CAMM-ER share significant commonality in their basic architecture, including the same soft launch mechanism, active radar seeker, dual-band datalink, warhead, fuze, actuators, and inertial measurement unit.

The principal difference between the two is in the propulsion stack, with the CAMM-ER all-up-round lengthened to incorporate a larger rocket motor developed by Avio. The ER missile also features mid-body strakes to improve the lift-to-drag coefficient. The combined result is a missile capable of achieving a range of over 40 km, compared with the 25 km of CAMM.

Italy is funding CAMM-ER development to meet its requirements for a successor to the ageing Aspide surface-to-air missile fielded by the Italian armed forces. The CAAM-ER will be integrated in the new Medium Advanced Air Defence System ground-based air defence systems for the Italian Army, and the Italian Air Force's GRIFO air defence system of the Italian Army.

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