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UAE requests AN/TPQ-50 counter-fire radars

The UAE has requested to purchase SRC's tripod-mounted AN/TPQ-50 counter-fire radar, currently operated by the British Army and US Army. (Janes/Patrick Allen)

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has requested to purchase 18 manportable AN/TPQ-50 Lightweight Counter Mortar Radars (LCMRs) from the United States (US).

The proposed sale is estimated to be valued at USD85 million and will include, in addition to the AN/TPQ-50 radars, 107 mm high-explosive rockets (for contiguous US testing only); computer digital military laptop radar control displays; 5 kW Advanced Medium Mobile Power Source (AMMPS) trailer-mounted, diesel engine-driven power units; spares; mission equipment; communication and navigation equipment; support equipment and repair parts; US government and contractor technical and logistics personnel services; and other related elements of logistics and programme support, according to a US Defense Security Cooperation Agency announcement on 4 December.

SRC Inc will be the primary contractor.

Together, the equipment is intended to support the protection of critical infrastructure, military installations, and forces from rocket, artillery, and mortar (RAM) fire including “unmanned aerial system threats”, the announcement detailed.

AN/TPQ-50 is an L-band (1–2 GHz) radar able to detect, classify, track, and locate the point of origin of projectiles with a locational accuracy of around 85%. The system is available in a vehicle- or tripod-mounted configuration, has a range of up to 10 km, and can be networked with existing counter-fire systems.

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