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Spain's EM&E to supply weapon stations to Egypt

A naval version of the Eagle 1 ROWS is seen in front of another mounted on a Temsah-3 vehicle at EDEX. (Egyptian Ministry of Defence)

Spanish company Escribano Mechanical and Engineering (EM&E) says it recently signed an agreement covering remotely operated weapon stations (ROWS) for the Egyptian army and navy.

Elena Delgado, EM&E's business development manager for Egypt, told DefenceWeb TV during the EDEX defence show held in Cairo that the company will “supply and co-operate” with Egypt's Arab International Optronics on 12.7 mm weapon stations for both services, and that it expects to receive additional contracts.

She said EM&E has integrated its Guardian ROWS with Egypt's Temsah family of armoured vehicles, as well as the Sinai 200, which she said has now entered production.

Unveiled in February 2020, the Sinai 200 appears to be a heavily modified BMP-1. One labelled as a Sena 200 was displayed at EDEX fitted with a ROWS called the Eagle 1 that was presented as a joint product of EM&E and Egypt's Arab Organisation for Industrialisation, which includes Arab International Optronics. It was armed with a .50 cal machine gun.

The Eagle 1 was also displayed at EDEX on Temsah 3 and 4 armoured vehicles and an 11.5 m patrol boat. It did not look like any member of the Guardian family advertised by EM&E, which includes the Guardian 2.0 for weapons up to 12.7 mm and the Guardian 30 for larger calibres. A lightweight Guardian ASPIS with a 7.62 mm machine gun was fitted to the new Temsah 5.

Delgado said that EM&E is also looking to develop co-operation with Egypt on larger calibre weapons, both for its army and navy.

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