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Safran to supply long-range binoculars to ADF

Safran will supply more than a hundred JIM Compact long-range binocular systems (pictured) to the ADF as part of Project Land 159 Tranche 1. (Safran)

Safran Electronics & Defense has secured a contract to supply its jumelle infrarouge multifonction (JIM) Compact long-range binocular system to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to enhance the surveillance capabilities of snipers.

Safran will supply more than a hundred JIM Compacts to the ADF as part of the Australian Department of Defence's (DoD's) Lethality System Project (Land 159) Tranche 1, the company said in a media release on 19 December. Safran signed this contract with NIOA, an Australian munitions company that has been selected as the prime contractor for Land 159 Tranche 1 by the DoD.

According to Janes C4ISR & Mission Systems: Land , JIM Compact infrared binoculars have been developed for situational awareness and target acquisition. JIM Compact weighs less than 2 kg, and can operate for a minimum of 4 hours without being charged. The system has see-spot capabilities and an embedded Global Positioning System (GPS). The range of JIM Compact's laser rangefinder is more than 12 km.

According to company specifications, a human can be detected by JIM Compact at a range of 7.5 km, recognised within 2.5 km, and identified within 1.5 km. The binocular can detect an armoured vehicle at a range of 10.5 km, recognise it within 4.5 km, and identify the vehicle within 2.5 km. In addition, the “Long Range Sniper” (TELD) function of the JIM Compact “limits the cognitive load of the user by performing parts of calculations and allows to engage a moving target very quickly”, Safran said.

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