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Hensoldt launches new passive deployable radar

Hensoldt has launched a deployable variant of its Twinvis family of passive radars called Twinvis Military Sheltered. (Hensoldt)

Hensoldt has launched a new deployable variant of its passive radar Twinvis.

Known as ‘Twinvis Military Sheltered', the variant – initially only available as an upgrade – is fully integrated into a containerised shelter for military users that is designed for long-range aerial surveillance, the company said on 4 August.

It can be easily deployed on military carrier vehicles and set up and dismantled in the field by only two people. Several systems are under contract with customers inside and outside NATO, the company added.

Hensoldt was unable to respond to Janes at the time of publication.

Twinvis is a passive radar that evaluates reflected signals from third-party emitters rather than transmitting its own signals to detect objects. By utilising transmissions from a range of sources in a variety of locations, the radar can pinpoint the position of aerial targets by comparing the undistorted signal (received directly from the transmitter) with other signals that deflect from the target. Up to 200 aircraft or UAVs can be tracked within a radius of 250 km, providing a live 3D aerial picture that enables the user to determine whether the aerial targets are ascending or descending.

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