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Czech Elta MMRs to reach FOC by end of 2024

The Armed Forces of the Czech Republic has received all eight of its EL/M-2084 radars, with FOC expected by the end of 2024. (Janes/Patrick Allen)

The Czech Republic's EL/M-2084 Multi-Mission radars (MMRs) from Elta Systems will reach full operating capability (FOC) by the end of 2024, Janes learnt.

A spokesperson from the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic told Janes that all eight radars are now in the country after the final system was delivered in December 2023, with FOC expected before the end of the 2024.

In December 2019 the armed forces ordered eight EL/M-2084 MMRs from Elta Systems in a government-to-government agreement with Israel to replace its ageing Soviet-era ST-68 radars, which have been in service since the early to mid-1980s.

Initially scheduled for delivery by 2021 the radars have encountered delays because of various technical issues. The systems have also struggled to integrate with the country's command-and-control system. Consequently in December 2023 the Czech government extended the radar programme known as the ‘sustainment and development of Czech Air Force capabilities'.

These underlining issues still seem unresolved, unless new problems have since emerged, as Czech Defence Minister Jana Černochová told her Israeli counterpart Yoav Galant in February that “the problems [must] be overcome in order for the radars to be introduced into the Czech Armed Forces' inventory as soon as possible”.

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