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Brimstone integrated with Topaz ICMS

MBDA and the WB Group have unveiled a joint project designed to enhance Poland's anti-armour capabilities, through the integration of the Brimstone weapon system with the Topaz integrated combat management system (ICMS).

Brimstone is being proposed as an anti-armour solution for new tracked tank destroyers being developed under the Polish Ministry of National Defence's Ottokar-Brzoza programme. Topaz is a command-and-communications architecture that delivers precision ballistic calculation and effects through the integration of advanced surveillance assets with artillery, unmanned aircraft systems, and loitering munition systems.

The future tank destroyers, armed with anti-armour missiles, will become part of the Polish Armed Forces, and will be integrated with Topaz ICMS. Those with other artillery systems, including the Krab 155 mm self-propelled howitzers (SPHs) and the Rak 120 mm self-propelled mortars (SPMs) Rak, have already been integrated with Topaz.

“The WB Group is co-operating with various manufacturers of effectors to combat heavily armoured vehicles. Brimstone is just one example, but other modern anti-tank missiles can be integrated with the Topaz integrated combat management system,” Remigiusz Wilk, director of WB Group communications told Janes . During comprehensive hardware-in-the-loop trials, solutions were demonstrated for the integration of the Brimstone launcher with the Topaz ICMS.

Co-operation between the WB Group and MBDA at this level has been facilitated through the signing of strategic agreements that allow the transfer of Brimstone data necessary to perform the integration. As a result, the weapon system is now ready to be integrated with any platform selected by the Polish MND for the future tank destroyer requirement.

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