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Teledyne FLIR unveils new C-UAS capability

Teledyne FLIR Defense launches new C-UAS capability (Teledyne FLIR Defense)

Teledyne FLIR Defense unveiled its new Lightweight Vehicle Surveillance System (LVSS) with air domain awareness (ADA) and counter-unmanned aerial system (C-UAS) capabilities, the company announced on 29 March.

The LVSS ADA C-UAS utilises 3D radar, electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) camera, and radio frequency (RF) detection, and is capable of being rapidly deployed to detect and mitigate small UAS (sUAS), the company said.

Mark Blanco, senior director, Integrated Solutions at Teledyne FLIR Defense, confirmed to Janes that the system employs RF detection ranges from 400 MHz to 6 GHz to detect, identify, and mitigate UAS threats up to 3 km away.

The system can perform RF detection and mitigation against UAS while on-the-move, although the platform must remain stationary to operate its radar and EO/IR capabilities, he noted.

Blanco added that the LVSS ADA C-UAS can mitigate against drones in Class I (<150 kg) and Class II (150–600 kg), including swarm UAS.

The LVSS ADA C-UAS employs the company's Citadel system to mitigate against UAS; it can either output a mitigation signal for the target drone system or issue a smart jamming signal localised to the control frequencies identified, breaking the control link and/or video stream, he said.

Blanco noted that the company was expecting to demonstrate the system with the US and Canada.

The system enables users to monitor up to 500 radar targets simultaneously, and can detect and eliminate drone swarms, he added.

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