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Indo Defence 2022: Indonesian aerospace firm unveils 4.5-generation fighter concept

A mock-up of the i-22 Sikatan 4.5-generation fighter concept on display at Indo Defence 2022. (Janes/Ridzwan Rahmat)

Indonesian aerospace firm Infoglobal has unveiled a mock-up of a 4.5-generation fighter aircraft concept, known as the i-22 Sikatan, at the Indo Defence 2022 exhibition in Jakarta.

The concept was conceived in collaboration with local aerospace design firm Vimana Litbang & Rekayasa, which is headed by former commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) pilot, Sunanto Ajidarmo.

Speaking to Janes at the exhibition, Sunanto described the i-22 Sikatan as a twin-engine fighter aircraft concept with a design that draws inspiration from the Saab JAS Gripen. It features a reduced radar cross-section design and utilises largely composite materials to enhance its stealth characteristics, he added.

The concept has two variants – one with a canard wing configuration, and one without. The canard wing configuration has a wingspan of 9 m, while the one without has a wingspan of 9.6 m. Both concepts were designed wholly in-country by local aerospace engineers, said Sunanto.

The mock-up on display at Indo Defence 2022 is of the variant without the canards, and it has been built to about 90% of its actual size to facilitate shipping arrangements, he added.

β€œWhat we are trying to achieve with this mock-up is to raise [the] awareness of the Indonesian public, that there is local aerospace design talent and knowledge within the country,” said Sunanto.

He added that the i-22 Sikatan draws upon decades of experience from Infoglobal, whose engineers have been working on the Indonesian Air Force's fleet of Hawk Mk 109/209 since 2006, and F-5 and F-16 fighters since 2010. Infoglobal's main domain of expertise includes aircraft avionics integration and maintenance.

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