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Brunei to acquire C295 transport aircraft

Brunei's order of C295s will allow it to significantly enhance not just its logistical capabilities but also its paradrop abilities and maritime surveillance. (Airbus)

Brunei has signed a contract to acquire Airbus C295MW tactical transport aircraft for the Royal Brunei Air Force (RBAirF).

The Brunei Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) said the contract was signed with Airbus Defence and Space SAU, Spain on 2 December. Janes has learnt that the contract covers three aircraft.

The MINDEF said that the C295 will replace the single Airbus CN235-110M operational with the RBAirF. According to MINDEF, the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF) has operated the CN235 since 1997.

β€œThe aircraft are expected to be delivered to the [RBAirF] in two batches,” MINDEF said.

Airbus deferred Janes questions to the Brunei MINDEF. Janes assesses that the value of the contract is between USD103 million and USD120 million. This is based on data from Janes aircraft price analysis tool. The tool states that the unit price of the C295MW is USD34.41 million.

Acquisition of the C295s represents a major capability enhancement for the RBAirF. According to Janes All the World's Aircraft , the RBAirF transport and logistics force consists of a single CN235 transport aircraft and 16 Sikorsky S-70i helicopters. The service also operates six Airbus BO-105 surveillance helicopters in the surveillance, air support, VIP transportation, and search-and-rescue (SAR) roles, according to information available on Airbus' website.

β€œThe [C295] aircraft will enhance [RBAirF's] capabilities to conduct various mission profiles, including Strategic Airlift, Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief, as well as Search and Rescue,” MINDEF said in a statement.

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