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Baykar integrating more weapons on Akinci

A Bayraktar Akıncı takes off with a Roketsan Çakir cruise missile for the test-firing announced on 1 March. (Baykar)

The Baykar Bayraktar Akıncı unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is carrying out firing trials with versions of the Roketsan MAM-L and MAM-T guided bombs that can be used against targets concealed by cloud cover, the UAV's Turkish manufacturer announced on 15 March.

Both the MAM-L, which is the standard munition for Baykar's UAVs, and the MAM-T, a small glide bomb, usually use semi-active laser guidance, but the company said it was testing a MAM-L with a television (TV) seeker and a MAM-T with an imaging infrared (IIR) seeker.

Baykar released a video showing two MAM-Ls being loaded on the inner and middle hardpoints on the left wing of an Akıncı at Baykar's Çorlu facility, while the aircraft's right wing was shown with two smaller MAM-C guided bombs on its outer hardpoint and a MAM-T on its middle hardpoint. The inner hardpoints on both sides were loaded with general-purpose bombs that appeared to be fitted with glide kits.

The video showed the Akıncı dropping one of the MAM-Ls through cloud cover as well as a view from the weapon's seeker as it approached Kaşık Island in the Gulf of Saros, which Baykar uses as a range, although it did not show the weapon acquiring a target. The MAM-T was also seen being dropped, with a view from its seeker showing it approaching Kaşık Island.

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