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Alexandria Shipyard launches fourth Gowind corvette for Egypt

Alexandria Shipyard (ASY) launched the fourth and final Gowind 2500-class corvette for the Egyptian Navy at its facilities on 12 May.

         (986) was launched at Alexandria Shipyard in Egypt on 12 May.

Luxor (986) was launched at Alexandria Shipyard in Egypt on 12 May.

The 102 m ship, named Luxor (986), is the third corvette of the class to be built by the yard under a contract for four Gowind 2500 corvettes signed with French shipbuilder Naval Group in 2014.

Under the terms of the agreement, the first of class was built by Naval Group at its yard in Lorient, northwest France, with the follow-on ships to be built at ASY under a transfer of technology arrangement.

The first ship, El Fateh , was commissioned in 2017, while second-in-class Port Said is expected to enter service by the end of this year. The third ship, Al Moez , was launched at ASY in May 2019.

The Gowind corvettes are 102 m long, have full load displacement of 2,600 tonnes, a maximum speed of 25 kt, and a crew complement of 80. They are armed with eight MBDA Exocet MM40 Block 3 anti-ship missiles, 16 MBDA VL MICA surface-to-air missiles, a Leonardo 76 mm/62 Super Rapid gun, and six (two- triple) 324 mm tubes for MU90 torpedoes.

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